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About me (and this blog)

Hello out there! It will probably be a while before anyone is actually reading this, but I figured I’d post an “about” post to get things started anyway. :)

My name is Amanda. I’m a math teacher. It feels really weird to say that, because for the past seven years, I’ve been a history teacher. I’m almost finished with my master’s in Mathematics Education, though, and my administrators are moving me to math for 2010-2011. I teach at a small Christian school.

I have been reading math teacher blogs for a while and love the idea of using this medium to reflect on what I’m doing and make it better. So I’m jumping in there. The blog title is both a math pun and an indicator of what I want the blog to be – a place where I take action through reflection on what I have done and on what I plan to do. The Encyclopedia of Informal Education says of praxis,

It is not simply action based on reflection. It is action which embodies certain qualities. These include a commitment to human well being and the search for truth, and respect for others. It is the action of people who are free, who are able to act for themselves. Moreover, praxis is always risky. It requires that a person ‘makes a wise and prudent practical judgement about how to act in this situation’ (Carr and Kemmis 1986: 190).

This is my goal as a teacher, and I want to use this blog to help me achieve it.

Thanks for reading!