Starting to make LTs

Today has not been particularly productive; Little Precious had a fever of 104.7 at 2:30 this morning, so I have spent the day (after my class) taking her to the doctor and subsequently hanging out with a sick and clingy toddler.

Yesterday, though, I got through 3 chapters in the calculus textbook and set up Learning Targets. It feels like I have too many of them, but I don’t know that I really want to combine them, because I do want students to learn each item on the list. I borrowed heavily from one of the sample syllabi (pdf alert) that the College Board has up for AP Calc AB to create the Learning Targets; the course outline is aligned with the text I’ll be teaching from, so I used that as a starting point and just adapted a bit.

So take a look and let me know your thoughts on the first part of my LT list. I am thinking I’ll end up using problems that address multiple LTs. And…there was something else I was going to say here, but a few interruptions from Little Precious have made me forget what it was. Oh well.

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